• Ensure access to the latest in research and technologies that are currently not available in the region
  • Strategize research aimed at doubling food production in South Asia while using less water, land and energy
  • Strengthen cutting-edge research that validates and tests new technologies to significantly increase yield potential
  • Develop technologies for higher productivity in rice, maize and wheat based farming systems
  • Design research outputs targeted to small and marginal farmers across the region
  • Build on CIMMYT’s vast germplasm resources, and make research products and know-how developed by BISA freely available to stakeholders
  • Create a new generation of scientists to work with new technologies through training programs that will retain them in South Asia
  • Enable researchers to pursue multiple strategies and research possibilities while simultaneously allowing for more meaningful collaboration with national institutions
  • Build a forum with partners from all sectors – research centers, governments, science community, businesses and farmers – to transform farmers’ lives and improve food security in the region
  • Develop a policy environment that embraces new technologies and encourages investments in agricultural research
  • Develop and utilize BISA as a regional platform that focuses on agricultural research in the whole of South Asia
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