BISA-Ladhowal, Ludhiana

BISA PhotoBISA-Ladhowal farm is located in Ludhiana (30o 59’ 28.74N and 75o 44’ 10.87E), Punjab, a state known as the “breadbasket of India.” Punjab is situated at an elevation of about 229 meters above mean sea level with an average rainfall of 750-800 millimeters (mm). Its experimental farm, measuring 200 hectares in area, receives over 800 mm of rainfall annually and is situated on a highly productive land with a current wheat production of over 4 tons per hectare. This site is representative of the northwest Indian subcontinent, where effective innovations offer benefits to similar areas in Pakistan, and western Uttar Pradesh in India. The farmers in the region are progressive and responsive to adopting new technologies, including information technology. An important feature of the site is its connection with Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), one of the oldest agricultural universities in India. The university played a significant role in the Green Revolution, and partnering with CIMMYT since the 1960s, the two institutions continue joint research in agriculture production systems.